Name:  Miranda

Age: 27

Location: Washington State, Puget Sound area

Interests: reading, watching movies, learning about Christianity online, writing, hanging out with friends, camping, going to the beach, fishing, taking walks, gardening, sewing, and much more!

Denomination, if any: I go to a church whose roots are in the Assembly of God, but as of now, would probably be called non-denominational.

Why did you come to this community?:  I want to get to know other people who are interested in living their lives according to God's Word and who are wanting to release themselves to His will.

How long have you been Christian?:  I was raised in the Church of Christ but hated it.  I then started attending the Catholic church infrequently.  I wasn't really into any religion for a while, but then I felt like I needed to change my life.  I had a real problem with the whole "Jesus is God" concept, as well as God as a trinity.  I began attending a mosque and even went so far as to convert to Islam, wearing hijab and everything.  But I couldn't bring myself to tell my family what I was doing so I stopped going to the mosque.  I attended a non-denominational church after that, and got baptized even though I didn't really beleive in Jesus as my savior.  I stopped going to church for a year, giving in to partying and such, before moving up here to the Puget Sound area.  My boyfriend and I decided to begin taking our kids to church after two years of being together, even though we felt iffy about going because we aren't married, and aren't going to be able to marry for a while (because of financial and emotional difficulties).  But we persevered and began attending Bayside Community Church in Kingston.  There, our wonderful pastor actually took the time to explain to me the truth about Jesus, his sacrifice, and who and what He really is, as well as many other questions I had about God.  Something clicked in me, and I found out that I really need Jesus, that His sacrifice wasn't a lie, and He is who He is!  So I guess you can say, that I have been a true believing Christian for about four months now, and the change He has made in my heart and thoughts has been awesome!
What made you decide to become a Christian?:  At first, I started attending Bayside because my kids wanted to go, and my boyfriend and I decided it would be good for them to have a religious background.  We figured on Christianity because we felt it was mainstream.  But I started having doubts about whether or not I could continue to take my kids to church when I didn't truly believe in Jesus.  These doubts were removed when everything about Jesus was explained to me in a way I understood, and not just put out as something "we have to take in faith" but not understand.  But I truly believe now, and this is the first time my religion is actually in my heart and not just an outward show.  I decided I truly want to have the relationship with God that only Jesus can provide!

What is your biggest struggle in your faith?  Right now, my biggest struggle is the fact that my boyfriend and I aren't married.  As a widow, my girls and I get survivors benefits and that is our main source of income, as Craig is going to school full-time at the moment and not working a lot.  We are scrimping by the best we can, and the loss of my check would be disastrous.  I hope to be married when Craig finishes school and can make up that part of our income.  He was also married before and went through a cruel divorce, and I think that he has emotional problems with marriage, like if we get married then I'll cheat on him like his ex wife did.  I've talked about all this with my pastor, and although he is adamant that we should be married, he understands what we are going through.  We don't want to separate until we can be married because of the emotional damage it can do to our kids, since my oldest daughter was old enough to remember her father when he died, and is already emotionally insecure.  And my youngest knows no one but Craig as her dad! This is just an area that I pray about constantly and have decided to await God's will and timing.  

 Any thoughts or questions for the rest of the community?  Don't let yourselves just become a "Sunday Christian" but make your faith part of your everyday lives!
Any questions for us?: 
Any new Christians, how did you cope with very close friends who aren't Christian and don't understand the changes in your life?  How do you deal with questions like: why can't you party down anymore? or why are you suddenly going to raise your children to be pure and modest?

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Name: Indy
Age: 25
Location: California 
Denomination, if any: non-d
Why did you come to this community?: curiousity
How long have you been Christian?: I was raised in a Christian home. However just in the past year I've realized that my "Christian walk" had no fruit (or that my life resembled the life of a non Christian) which according to 1 John means that I had no assurance of my salvation. So I've been spending a lot of time in prayer and in the word so I can bear fruit.
What made you decide to become a Christian?: Because I  saw Jesus personally change my life even when I wanted nothing to do with Him and after realizing my own depravity in sin, I need Him as my savior.
If you aren’t Christian, what do you hope to gain from this community?: n/a
What is your biggest struggle in your faith? I have a crazy past that I need to allow God to heal me from. I'm learning what it truly means to forgive others in the way Christ forgives us
Any thoughts or suggestions for the rest of the community?: I would love to talk with any of you, I'd love to pray for you, give you encouragement, discuss the Bible with you, etc
Any questions for us? I'm just wondering who all is still active?
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In a recent devotional by Elisabeth Elliot, she listed 8 questions to ask before a church should decide to boot out a pastor.

(taken from godly_gals and GodlyGals boards)

"Before we take such a position of sovereignty, assuming we know the root of the trouble and are warranted in enforcing our "solution," might we not ask ourselves a few questions? (I do not refer here, of course, to cases which unequivocally call for dismissal, such as immorality or heresy.)

1. Who called this pastor? Was it the bishop? The church? Was the decision prayed over? Do we believe in the Holy Spirit's guidance?
2. Do we understand the shepherd of the flock to be one who bears responsibility and authority? "Encourage and rebuke with all authority" was the apostle Paul's word to a young shepherd (Titus 2:15, NIV). To Timothy he said, "Command and teach" (1 Timothy 4:11, NIV). "Obey your leaders and submit to their authority...so that their work will be a joy, not a burden" (Hebrews 13:17, NIV). Have we respected that divine assignment?
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Hi everyone! My name is Liz and I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you all about an online ministry geared toward young women. It's called GodlyGals. We've had a community here on lj for some time now (godly_gals), but now things are getting started in other areas. Our message board is up (http://godlygals.com/board) and very soon we will have our online magazine going (http://godlygals.com - nothing there yet!).

We discuss current events, issues that are a concern, dating, health, and lots of other things that are deemed appropriate. Soon we will also have a Bible study, book club, prayer list, and lots of discussion over Biblical topics. We need people to join and help us build this ministry!

God has laid it on my heart to minister to young women and I am using the talents he has given me and the avenues he has opened for me to do so. I would really appreciate you taking a look at what we have and becoming a part of what I truly believe is something that will bring glory to God. Thank you!

(Cross-posted a lot of places. So, so sorry if this bothers anyone!)

With Confidence

In Old Testament times, God "lived" in the temple. More specifically, in the Holy of Holies in the center of the temple. The Holy of Holies was separated from the rest of the temple by a giant curtain and no one could enter except for one annual occasion. Each year, during a certain holiday, the high priest would go through a cleansing and then could enter to offer a sacrifice. The high priest wore bells and had a rope tied to his foot so that if for some reason God struck him down in the Holy of Holies (if he was not pure), he could be retrieved by the other priests without sending in anybody else (who would certainly not live). I don't know of any recorded instances of God striking down the high priest during this occasion, but I don't know the name of King Solomon's dog, either.

This all changed with the death and resurrection of Christ on the cross. At the time that Jesus died, there was a great earthquake that tore that temple curtain so that the Holy of Holies was exposed.

And when Jesus had cried out again in a loud voice, he gave up his spirit. At that moment the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. The earth shook and the rocks split.

Matthew 27:50-51

This is symbolic for us today. We can approach God directly and with confidence. Paul writes about this to the Ephesians.

In him and through faith in him we may approach God with freedom and confidence.

Ephesians 3:12

This was a huge change to Paul's audience! It was like the doors of heaven were being opened wide. It is such a privilege that the New Testament Christans--including us--have to be able to approach God directly and with confidence without the need for a priest or any other go-between. We are cleansed before God through the death and resurrection of Christ and he sees us as pure.

Just some thoughts.

God's Way

Psalm 18:30 says, "As for God, his way is perfect. All the Lord's promises prove true. He is a shield for all who look to him for protection." God's way is best. And when we strive to follow his lead and glorify him in what we do, it is a most wonderful thing.

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